Forza 3: True Racing

Racing games have been a classic genre in the gaming industry. It has evolved from 2D birds eye view with crappy graphics to full HD and 3D real time racing. Few have been able to achieve a near perfect racing game, but Forza Motorsport 3 does exactly that.

            Forza made its debut in 2005 on the original Xbox. It received great reviews and continued to do so through all 3 games in the series, soon to be four games.

 One reason Forza 3 is so great is because of its stellar graphics. The details are fresh and crisp with realistic graphics. Every color is perfectly made to create a true masterpiece of gaming. Damages caused to the cars seem like the real thing with shards coming off at every crash.

            Forza’s gameplay is the best I’ve seen in any racing game. Car handling is realistic with turns matching your finger on the controller. Competitive AI keeps you challenged unlike many other racing games of the day.

            Many appreciate Forza for the depth. So many racing games today only focus on racing, but Forza goes deeper allowing you to customize your car and selecting which races to participate in. You can buy every single part that makes a car that affects your car’s performance like brakes, acceleration, speed, etc. Every decision you make will have an impact on your races. The persistent level up system is great which allows you access to new things in the garage.

            Forza 3 is something the world has not seen. It has revolutionized the racing industry and recent news of Forza 4 has many excited.


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