Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Gunsmith

The shooter market is the most competitive genre in the gaming industry these days. Games like Call of Duty and Battlefield dominate the crowd. It takes something unique to attract new attention. Ubisoft’s upcoming game, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, does just that.

            Many games have allowed you to customize your weapons like in CoD with color schemes, scopes, grips, etc. but nothing will be as in depth as Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s gunsmith. With gunsmith, players have the ability to create their own unique weapon. It is so in depth and weapons can be stripped down and customized to the bare bones. By bare bones I mean very specific things like the gas system and the stock. Of course the essentials are still there like scopes. All of these things are customizable via your controller or even with you bare hands and voice.

            Ghost Recon Future Soldier will support the Kinect system on the Xbox. With motion sensor and voice recognition technology, Ghost Recon has just put shooter gaming to the next step. This works flawlessly in gunsmith. By waving your hand, you will easily flip through the various customization options in gunsmith. Not only that, but with voice commands it is even possible for the game to build your own gun by saying words like “range” and “close quarters.” This revolutionary feature in the game will allow the game to create the perfect weapon for your current combat situation. This has never been seen before and I’m really excited to get my hands on it this upcoming January.


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