Motion Notion

Since the advent of the Wii in 2006 by Nintendo, both Microsoft and Sony have been working to keep up with its competition. The question is, does it live up to the Wii. The answer is absolutely yes. In the Fall-Winter of 2010, these two companies released the Playstation Move and Kinect for the 360.


Of course after four years since the Wii’s release, both of these systems in my opinion carry better technology. I do not have a PS3 so I cannot comment on it but after seeing the Kinect in action, it trumps the Wii many times over. The Wii has too many buttons to keep track of. To move the controller and also often tap buttons can be confusing. The Move only has 4 buttons, not including the PS button, eliminating any chance of confusion during gameplay. However, I am most impressed by the Kinect. It uses no controller and tracks your body movements very well. Overall, the Move and Kinect employ better technology therefore being superior to the Wii.


I have also noticed many problems with the Wii. The most dire problem is the sensitivity of the motion detector. I often can’t get my sensor to pick up my controller which usually messes up my playing.


In my opinion, Nintendo better step it up with the Wii U because it seems to be losing ground. Nintendo was on top a decade ago, but Sony and Microsoft are really stepping up there game and may soon overrun the once video game giant.


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