Best Weapon in Black Ops

There are so many guns to choose from in Call of Duty Black Ops. Sub machine guns, rifles, machine guns, and sniper rifles are the main categories. However, have you ever thought of a weapon that could act as a hybrid? The Ak74u does just that by acting as both a sub machine gun and a sniper rifle.


            At its core, the Ak74u is really a sub machine gun for its fast rate of fire. However, a few tweaks in the right hands can turn it into a deadly medium to long range killing machine. First off, slap on warlord as it will allow two weapon attachments. Next use grip and rapid fire for your two attachments. Grip will allow for better handling (accuracy), making it more like an assault rifle. Rapid fire will maximize its full potential for its rate of fire making it more like a submachine gun than it already is. What you get from these two attachments is the perfect weapon, in the right hands.


            Although this gun is near perfect, you still have to learn the tricks. As you can imagine, a gun with that fire rate will have the recoil like a horse’s kick. That’s why grip is there, but there will still be fairly heavy recoil. So how do you control this? Well, the easiest way is not to be a trigger happy beast. If you are and can’t stop it, this weapon is not for you. However, for those who can control their finger, when using this weapon, always use it in short 2-3 round bursts. This tactic will allow you to hit long range targets like a sniper. If a target is in your sights at long range, squeeze a bit on the trigger and it’s likely at least one of those rounds will score a hit. Only let very small time gaps between each shot to readjust from recoil, but don’t wait too long because the enemy may drop a bead on you. Keep repeating this process until your target goes down and you’ve become the new juggernaut.


            I hope you found this information useful in having a better Black Ops experience. Happy Gaming!


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