AC Revelations: Bombs

In the latest interviews of the fellows at Ubisoft, they have officially announced the introduction of bombs in their upcoming title Assassins Creed Revelations.

Throughout the game, players will collect special resources such as powders to create bombs. Their are tons of different combinations to create different bombs, such as smoke for cover and explosives for lethal attacks.

This new feature in Assassins Creed may change the gameplay for many players. For the tactical assassins, they may perhaps prefer smoke grenades to cover their position and then surprise their target. For the aggressive assassin, a quick shock and awe bomb will immediately disintegrate your enemies. In previous titles, to avoid combat and possible death, players often run to the rooftops to evade their pursuers. With bombs, however, it may be much easier to toss one right at the enemy(s) and be done with it, especially when you have a small army chasing you.

The new bomb feature will surely add more spice to the game. It will definitely revolutionize playing styles of many fans. I’m excited to hear more on one of Ubisoft’s biggest hits, Assassins Creed Revelations.


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  1. Nice blog. Good written. looking forward to more posts.


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