Call of Duty VS. Battlefield

            With the intense competition in the first person shooter gaming industry, it is hard to create a game that has its own unique gameplay. More and more, games like Homefront try to copy the biggest hits and only disappoint anticipating gamers. However, throughout the many years of hard work, experience, and possibly luck, the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises have shown their true colors to be the best first person shooters on consoles and PC. Each is very unique from the other. Battlefield, known for its massive battles with potentially up to 64 people on the PC and the use of vehicles such as tanks has proved itself the most successful realistic shooter game on the market. Call of Dut,y however, especially the titles post Call of Duty 3, has a more unrealistic sense to it that can give you some shock and awe moments. Though it may be unrealistic, both in campaign and multiplayer, the expansive online options make it one of the biggest online shooter communities.

            Call of Duty, once a small franchise has now turned into the world’s shooter sensation. One of its greatest games, CoD 4 Modern Warfare, brought the shooter industry to a whole new level. Here are the main highlights of CoD games.

 Since CoD 4, both Infinity Ward and Treyarch have made slick and heart pounding moments. Close squad mates killed, intense chases, and even dogs make the campaign top notch. I have never been so emotionally engaged in a shooter such as CoD. It seems its next title, Modern Warfare 3, will also deliver an intense campaign as it is set in what looks to be World War 3. The single player is what makes CoD games unique and engaging as opposed to the usually dull Battlefield campaigns.

However, CoD also shines in its multiplayer. Never before in a game does it allow you to create your own class as it was CoD 4 and later titles. The depth of the customization is enormous with weapons (primary and secondary), attachments, grenades, equipment, and perks. This deep system allows the player a much more personal play style. If you’re aggressive, go with a machine gun. Sneaky and fast, you should try a sub machine gun with a silencer and lightweight for speed. As you can see, CoD delivers an immersive system that has gamers like you weighing out all of his options for the perfect class. All of the different elements in create a class will have a direct impact on the field. This is where Battlefield comes short on as they already have boring set classes or a very limited customization option as it was featured on the Bad Company series.

Despite Battlefield’s very minor defects, there is a reason why it is one of the biggest shooters out there. Battlefield has always been set on a massive scale in both the campaign and multiplayer. Gargantuan battlefields, huge multiplayer lobbies, and vehicles make you feel like you’re part of a real war.

 Unlike Call of Duty’s small concentrated maps, Battlefield has maps spanning different environments that can fit up to 64 players on the PC. That’s over 5 times the amount of players than in Call of Duty which is usually 12 players. This creates an intense combat environment requiring teamwork from the rest of your 31 teammates. In addition to the massive teams, they are even further broken down into squads.

In Battlefield 2, players have the option to break into small squads. Each squad is headed by a team leader who reports to the commander. The commander has a huge responsibility for coordinating squads, giving orders, and providing support such as artillery or supply drops. This unique feature once again makes you feel you’re a part of something big. This is where CoD falls short on. Being pinned downed in a street by heavy machine gun fire and a tank? Have your squad leader report this to the Commander and he’ll rain fire on your enemies. The chain of command in this game is simple, but effective. When used right, it creates a virtual and realistic war zone with voice chat between the team. It is disappointing that CoD falls short on these aspects. In my opinion, in CoD you are a lone wolf. I feel that the CoD’s multiplayer is just walk around and shoot anyone on sight. This requires no thought or strategy to achieve victory.

Vehicles have always been a tradition in Battlefield and have made the environment double the intensity. The sniper, regular infantry’s worst enemy has you marked in an urban environment.  With armor such as tanks, they can provide you cover with their sheer size as you advance through the streets and can finally blow your enemy from his position. This adds a new tactical element of gameplay as to where these tanks should be. Should they be on the front covering infantry or on the flanks waiting to surprise the enemy from the sides? A good mix of both can provide a strategy worthy of a five star general once again making the Battlefield franchise its own.

Shooters of this age are the next big thing in gaming. Every year dozens of shooters are released trying to appeal to already loyal and new fans. However, few have the appeal of Battlefield or Call of Duty. Both are shooters, but totally different in various aspects. Call of Duty, the famous franchise known for epic campaigns and just shoot talk later multiplayer has dominated the industry. Battlefield, a well know PC franchise now on consoles stands out in its massive multiplayer battles and tactical engagement brings a new breed of shooter gaming. Whichever one you prefer, both companies make some of the best games out there in the market, and they go head to head this coming fall.


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