Halo 4: Will It Survive?

Fans were shocked when they learned that Halo Reach would be Bungie’s last title. The company that completed an Xbox has now left for new and better things. What happens now to the Halo series? On the bright side, Halo 4 is currently in the works as it was announced at E3 2011. The bad side is will it survive?

            Bungie created Halo with care, passion, and love. Will 343 Industries, Halo’s next developer, be able to achieve the same perfection like Bungie. The answer is no because Bungie’s work can never be replaced or duplicated. However, 343 Industries may have the capability of creating a whole new meaning for Halo. Perhaps it may be as good Halo Reach, maybe even better. However, that’s unlikely. What do you think? Do you think Halo will ever be the same again?

I believe that Halo has lost many fans after Bungie’s departure. Hopefully 343 Industries will be able to mend these wounds to forever continue the legacy of Halo


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