Xbox Live & the Smart Buyer

Xbox Live connects millions of people around the world daily. From family friendly games like Rockband, to intense shooters like Call of Duty, it’s just another way to get connected with new people through games. However, last year they raised the price from 50 to 60 dollars. Was this really necessary Microsoft?


With already millions of loyal customers, was it a smart choice to raise the price? All I have to say is that I was a little disappointed, but that didn’t stop me from buying more awesome games and playing online.


Fortunately for those of us with tight budgets, it’s possible to get Xbox Live subscriptions for a much cheaper price. First off, don’t buy anything below the year plan, you lose money otherwise. Unless you really aren’t going to play the Xbox for an extended period of time, the year plan is the way to go. Anyways, there are many places to buy Xbox Live subscriptions where you can save a lot of money. Might I also mention they’re legal before anyone asks. The most reliable retailer is Amazon. Amazon sometime sells their cards for as little as $40. Before the price went up, it was even at 30 dollars. You can save up to 20 dollars. Three years of live can get you one extra. Buy 3 get 1 free! Or if you like it this way, buy 3 and get a new copy of an upcoming game this year like CoD MW 3, AC Revelations, or Battlefield 3. If you’re out of a subscription now, they’re having a sale at $48.99 right now! Remember though that this may not always be the case. Be patient, wait a few weeks, and you’ll start filling up that piggy bank.



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