Best Black Ops Class

Many wonder in games such as Call of Duty Black Ops as to how to be the juggernaut on the battlefield. Guns, perks, attachments, equipment, and grenades can be mind boggling to think about to create the perfect class. Do you ever wonder how the heck they get that many kills? Well besides they being hardcore gamers, here is another answer, to have the perfect class.

Primary Weapon

For your weapon, use the Ak-47. It is powerful, has great range, and has an awesome rate of fire. In addition, it has great accuracy when you use a disciplined finger on the trigger. For the attachment, use the extended mag. This will give those with not so great accuracy a higher chance of getting a kill. The extended mag is also extremely useful when dealing with multiple enemies. Combine this with the firepower of the gun will turn you into a force to be reckoned with

Secondary Weapon

For those who love explosions, the RPG is the weapon of choice for your secondary slot. When you assault an enemy stronghold, which is what this class is for, the RPG will for surely give them an explosion to think about. It may be inaccurate, but a little practice and you’ll be annihilating everyone. I’m not encouraging “noob tubing” or whatever it’s called, but this weapon is extremely useful when dealing with multiple targets or when you are out of ammo.

Grenades and Equipment

            These items can be to your discretion depending on your play style but I recommend semtex, concussion, and a claymore. Semtex is great for assaulting buildings for it can’t be thrown back to kill you, therefore having a higher chance of trapping your enemies. It is also satisfying when you get a stick on the enemy. The concussion significantly slows enemies down giving you an easy target. As this class is designed to get into the thick of the fight, the concussion grenade will reduce your target(s) combat effectiveness by potentially half. If you’re ever protecting an objective like in domination or simply laying a trap, the claymore will easily rid you of your paranoia of being flanked.


            Perks, the stuff that makes your class unique and deadly are crucial to think about. The first perk to have with this class is hardline. Even the most casual gamers will get an insane amount of kills with the Ak-47, so you should always reap the rewards sooner with hardline. The next perk is sleight of hand. As I mentioned earlier, this class is designed for the first line of battle, making it essential to be able to reload as quickly as possible. Recall the countless times you’ve died because you had to reload. Sleight of hand easily fixes this problem. This last perk is hacker. Don’t you hate it when you assault a room with a sniper but then trip over those nasty claymores? With hacker, you have the ability to see these things through walls, and with the pro version you will be able to hack them to your own leisure. It’s worth having just to sabotage an enemy’s care package and watch it blow up in their face when they try to get the killstreak award. Because you will always be on the move with your Ak-47, you must always be vigilant by using hacker.

Well I hope you found this information useful in creating a better Black Ops experience.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Equipment: Claymore is a one use, one kill item who can easily be countered (either by the Hacker perk or by common sense).

    I would rather recommend the rarely used motion sensor. It requires you to keep a more active eye on your radar and you have to do the killing yourself, but you can use it to easily get multiple kills, and it help your team-mates as well.


    • I’ve used the sensor before. It depends on the play style but the claymore is probably the most reliable because all you need to do is wait for the bang. However for players with a sharp eye, motion sensor is the way to go


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