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Hello everyone, I’m Cad. It has suddenly become a passion for me to write about one of my favorite hobbies; video games. But I’m not a hardcore gamer who goes looking to get on the leaderboards. However, I do have a vast knowledge on the game world that I will share to the world. I play video games for one sole purpose: to have fun. If this is also you, this blog is the place to go.

Video games, once something you held in your hand with bland visuals, has now turned into a highlight of the twenty-first century, adding even things like 3D graphics and motion sensor technology. As a kid, video games have always been a part of my life. The original Super Smash Brothers always had me hooked. Super Mario later emerged on my hotlist. As I got older, games such as Assassins Creed and Call of Duty gave me many late nights. I often bought games and only got more and more passionate about it.

I plan on reviewing games in the near future giving you, the reader, a point based system of what’s hot and what’s not about your favorite games.

Games such as: Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Forza Motrosports, Tom Clancy, Halo, and all of the biggest names in gaming will be discussed here in a friendly community of casual gamers. Even if the game you had in mind is not the next big thing, just bring it up and it may be the next sensation.

You may be lacking some knowledge in the game world.

I don’t know what game to buy. What are some good tips to get kills in COD, Halo, etc.? Where do I buy the best games for the cheapest price? I’m looking at a game but don’t know whether or not it is good and need help? Do these thoughts or any other impulse on video games ever race through your mind?


I’m determined to make this blog a place where I can answer and discuss your own individual questions or the hottest queries on the web.

In addition to the questions I’ll be answering, it will be great to get a discussion that involves everyone. For example, let’s start with what’s your favorite video game and why. I’ll start off. For me, the supreme game of all time would have to be the Assassins Creed series because of the amount of detail put into everything. For those who have the game, you can climb onto a cathedral, tower, etc. and look at the view. It’s fantastic to overlook the entire city or just to look at every individual texture put into every structure.

Now it’s your turn! Just place your opinion in the comments section.

I’m really excited about this blog and I’m anxious for some feedback. Let’s create the next big thing in video game blogging!


7 responses to this post.

  1. Hi cad I would have to agree with you about the assassins creed series of games they are most detailed indeed. Not just the game world though the story they create and follow is amazing and their is a large community following because of this plus the face book game they have made to help unfold some more of the back story behind the Assassins universe

    Ubisoft has made some great leaps forward in recent Assassins creed game design in my opinion I hope to see more in future games from this series


    • Thank you for reading. I plan on making more articles within the next day or two. Please subscribe if you’re interested.


  2. Nice blog you got going here. I’ll be checking it out as new articles become available. Good to see another gamer who doesn’t confine himself to a single console 😉

    Happy gaming!


  3. Hey Cad, I have to say your blog is looking really good. I have to say I do not have one favourtie game but many so here is a few of them: Assasins Creed, Grand Theft Auto, L.A Noire,


    • Thanks for checking it out! I’m glad you like it. For me, besides Assassins Creed, it would have to be Battlefield BC 2 and CoD in general.


  4. Posted by Meshbag on June 25, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Having not been interested in AC for a long time while it was out, i bought the first two for me to play and absolutely loved it, I cannot believe I missed out on so much because I didn’t think it was “my sort” of game.

    Nice blog, favourited – count it as a subscription because I will be checking often but like to keep my e-mail clean.



    • thanks for checking it out. I’m glad it was enjoyable. I plan on making more AC related articles soon. I like to keep my mail clean too so i understand.


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