The Buzz of E3

Who’s excited for this next year in the gaming industry? It seems Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are rolling in their big guns at E3 this year. Nintendo announced their Wii U. However, it is rumored to be some 600 dollars. Sony will be releasing awesome games including a sequel to Uncharted 2 which blowed everyone away. Microsoft will also be releasing Mass Effect 3, a game that started all on the 360. You better save up some money for this year because this may yet be one of the biggest years in gaming history. What are you excited about? This is my list of my most anticipated games this coming year.


These are not in a ranked order:


1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: looks great and possibly 3 weapon attachments!


2. Battlefield 3: Will probably be the best looking game to date with frostbite 2


3. Mass Effect 3: huge alien ships and a galactic war got my attention


4. Ghost Recon Future Soldier: a weapon creator down to the bare bones will add    something new to the competition


5. Knights of theOldRepublic: the biggest MMO I’ve seen


6. Assassins Creed Revelations: bombs, hooks, and more! This game will tie all of the confusing cliffhangers left in Brotherhood


7. Halo Anniversary: The game that made the Xbox an Xbox is back and remade


8. Uncharted 3: One of the best games ever made just got better


9. Farcry 3: Creepy but thrilling gameplay trailer got me hooked. Definition of insanity- that guy in the trailer


10. Gears of War 3: Chainsaws on assault rifles will always dominate!


This is my list, but you may have your own. Please leave it in the comments section.


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